How are we different?

Fully qualified, with several years of background industry experience, we are the auto repair shop you can trust for the ideal performance of your vehicle. In addition to the professionalism we demonstrate, we offer affordable rates and give warranty for various repairs we undertake.

Our Services


The electrical system is a very important part of your car’s operation. The electrical system gives power to the battery, alternator, and starter. A lot of newer vehicles have computer systems that interact with vehicle functions like steering, brakes, and sensors. The main things to look for to know if your car needs to be serviced is when you start your car and you hear a clicking or grinding sound, dimmed headlights, and dimmed dashboard lights. The average person should replace their battery every 4 years, this is because the life of a battery is 3 – 6 years. Replacing it every 4 years is safe so you do not run into any issues. When you service your vehicle for electrical issues we will run a diagnostic on your electrical system to find the issue. Once the issue is found we will fix it. If we find that the battery has been compromised in any way it will be replaced.

Engine Services

If your engine is not in good shape it’s safe to say your car isn’t either. The engine is what keeps your car working. Ways to know if your engine needs servicing are, if the check engine comes on, your car stalls, or your engine makes a clicking sound. When your check engine light comes on it is letting you know your engine has a problem that has to do with your emission system, ignition, or fuel. When your car stalls it is telling you there is either a problem with the car’s electrical system or the fuel system. The stalling means the engine is not igniting the gas in the car’s cylinders. If your engine starts to make a clicking sound there may be a problem with the car’s oil pressure. If you have a damaged or clogged oil pump this would prevent oil from reaching the necessary parts to run the vehicle. To avoid these issues you want to make sure you keep the engine in the best possible condition. Make sure you take your vehicle for regular maintenance.

Brake Repair

Brakes wear out as you use them and since vehicles today have complex systems your car will have to be serviced. How often your brakes need to be serviced depends on many things. If you live in a place that changes in elevation a lot you will have to have your car serviced more than someone who lives in a very flat place like a plains. Gas mileage and brakes go hand and hand so that is always something to remember. The number one thing that will tell you if your brakes need to be serviced is noise. When your brakes squeal or make a grinding sound that means it is time to fix them. If you ignore the noise and don’t fix your brakes you may find yourself in a very expensive situation down the line. This is because it won’t only be your brakes that need to be fixed, it may be your rotor or caliper as well. If it is wanted Timo’s Auto Haus will inspect your vehicle’s brake system to see if there’s a problem. If a problem is found it will be discussed with you and you will be told all of your options. Then the problem will be fixed before it becomes a serious issue.


At Timo’s Auto Haus we can fix any tire issue you may have. We can balance and repair your tires. Overtime without proper maintenance your tires can fail on you while you are driving. How do you know when to get a tire change/repair? The are four main signs to look for to tell you when you need a tire change. You need to look for uneven wear, a cracking tire, bulges that stick out farther than the rest of the tire, the tread of your tire is less than 2/32 of an inch in depth, and if there are any grooves or cuts in your tire. Routine maintenance would consist of a tire pressure check, balance, rotation, wheel alignment, and regular inspections. Tire rotation is extremely important. That is because it evens out tread wear, extends the life of your tires, and gives the best traction for all four wheels. Tire balancing is important because it helps keep your tires for as long as possible. If your tire needs to be repaired we will make sure the repair will last as long as the the tire does.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are a very simple service but they are extremely important so your vehicle stays working. Oil is important for your engine because oil lubricates the engine and absorbs the heat. Since the oil absorbs the heat it allows other parts to work together without overheating. Oil changes are important because over time the oil in your engine wears down and this causes the engine to not be well lubricated and the chance of parts overheating becomes higher. You want to replace the oil before your engine breaks down so you don’t have to deal with serious engine issues. Getting an oil change will filter out any of the old oil and keep your car running better for longer. How often you need to change your oil is based on how you drive and your vehicle, but for the average person, it’s around every five thousand miles. You also may find that your oil filter may need to be replaced. The oil filter continuously filters oil. Constantly filtering the oil allows the oil to be free of debris so nothing will damage the engine. The oil filter does not have to be changed as often as the oil. When you get a routine oil change the oil filter will be examined to see if it needs to be replaced.


When you drive your vehicle you want the smoothest ride possible. Suspension is what keeps your tires firmly on the ground, and also keeps your car from veering to one side of the road. Signs of a failing suspension include wandering wheels, your car makes noise when driving over bumps, uneven tire wear, your vehicle bounces, and hard turns. If you notice any of these signs you need to have your car serviced. A preventative for suspension issues would be to have your car checked every fifty thousand miles, but do have your car checked if you experience any of these signs. When you get your car serviced with Timo’s Auto Haus your vehicle’s system will be evaluated. After the evaluation, we will discuss our findings with you. After we discuss our findings with you we will recommend the best option to fix your vehicle if need be.

Performance and Exotic Vehicles

Timo’s Auto Haus understands that your luxury car was an investment and you want the best care possible for it. We recommend preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid breakdowns, keep your luxury vehicle going, and avoid the costs associated with servicing your vehicle. When we complete preventative maintenance we will first evaluate your vehicle. After the evaluation, we will discuss our findings with you. After we discuss our findings with you we will recommend the best option to fix your vehicle if need be.